Some of the main questions and concerns about Gynecomastia surgery involve the cost of the procedure in New Jersey and insurance. Take a look below to learn a bit more about these topics and how they relate to you.

Navigating Gynecomastia Surgery Costs in New Jersey

The New Jersey Gynecomastia Center is your premier destination for male breast reduction solutions in the Garden State. If you’re considering gynecomastia surgery, understanding the associated costs is essential for your journey toward achieving the physique you desire.

The cost of gynecomastia surgery in New Jersey can vary widely and can be dependent on the exact procedure, and the type of anesthesia required.

In general, there are different stages and types of gynecomastia. Depending on how minor or severe your gynecomastia is will dictate how expensive your surgery may be.

For example, treatment with liposuction alone would be less expensive than procedures requiring both liposuction and gland excision, or those also requiring skin excision.

No matter what type of gynecomastia you may have, or if you are coming in for a gynecomastia revision surgery, the New Jersey Gynecomastia Center can help.

Factors Impacting Gynecomastia Surgery Costs

At New Jersey Gynecomastia Center, we recognize that several factors contribute to the overall cost of gynecomastia surgery:

  1. Location Matters: Our state-of-the-art on-site surgery center in Fort Lee, New Jersey offers a top-notch surgical environment, which is accredited by the Joint Commission and meets the highest standards of excellence for patient care, comfort, and privacy
  2. Tailored Treatments: Every gynecomastia case is unique, and our male breast reduction specialists craft personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, which can influence the overall cost.
  3. Expertise Counts: Our team of gynecomastia experts boasts extensive experience and expertise, ensuring optimal outcomes. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.
New Jersey Gynecomastia Surgeon Center

Breakdown of Gynecomastia Surgery Costs

At New Jersey Gynecomastia Center, we provide transparent pricing structures, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of all expenses involved.

When considering gynecomastia surgery costs in NJ, it’s essential to account for various components, including:

  1. Anesthesia Fees: Ensuring your comfort and safety during the procedure.
  2. Facility Charges: Covering the use of our state-of-the-art surgical facilities.
  3. Pre-Surgery Evaluations: Including medical tests and consultations.
  4. Post-Surgery Care: Such as compression garments and follow-up visits.
  5. Surgeon’s Expertise: Reflecting the skill and experience of our gynecomastia specialists.

NJ Gynecomastia Surgery Pricing

In general, the total cost is approximately $7,000 to $17,000. A consultation with our doctors will give you a better sense of what the cost of surgery would look like.

Liposuction Only: ~$7,000

When male breasts are solely caused by an excess of breast fat tissue, then a simpler liposuction surgery can be performed. In these cases, excess breast gland tissue would not be an issue for the patient.

Stage 1-2 Gyno: $7,000 – $12,000

When dealing with gynecomastia due to excess breast gland tissue, a more complex surgery will be required. This is your more standard gynecomastia surgery, where your surgeon will perform a breast gland tissue excision. During this surgery, liposuction may also be performed if there is any excess fat tissue.

Stage 3-4 Gyno: $12,000 – $17,000

As gynecomastia gets more severe, the cost of surgery will continue to increase. Here you will be dealing with a more in-depth procedure that will also most likely remove any excess skin around the breast.

Be sure to discuss pricing with the New Jersey Gynecomastia Center to better understand how much a specialized surgery for yourself will cost.

New Jersey Gynecomastia Insurance

In general, most insurance companies consider gynecomastia surgery to be cosmetic and therefore not covered by insurance.

Even though the gynecomastia condition can be quite distressing to the patient, insurance will usually still not cover the cost.

However, there are occasional exceptions, so it is worth discussing with our office. Even in such cases, coverage is not guaranteed, and patients may find themselves responsible for the full cost of the procedure.

Fees and Financing Solutions

At the New Jersey Gynecomastia Center, we understand that affordability is key to accessing life-changing treatments. Our competitive pricing and flexible financing options ensure that cost is not a barrier to achieving your desired before and after gynecomastia results. Whether you opt for cash, credit card payments, or financing plans, we strive to make gynecomastia surgery accessible to all.

PatientFi™: Personalized Financing Solutions

We are proud to partner with PatientFi™, an innovative health, beauty, and wellness care financing company. PatientFi™ specializes in providing personalized financing plans tailored to individual needs. Unlike traditional financing options, PatientFi™ takes into account various factors beyond credit scores, ensuring fair and accessible financing for qualified applicants.

The online application process is simple and efficient, with quick decisions and flexible financing terms. With PatientFi™, patients can choose from a variety of plans that comfortably fit their budget, making cosmetic procedures more accessible than ever before.

CareCredit: Your Health and Beauty Credit Card

For those seeking cosmetic and surgical procedure financing, CareCredit offers a convenient solution. As your dedicated health, wellness, and beauty credit card, CareCredit allows you to say “Yes” to recommended procedures without worrying about payment.

Accepted at The New Jersey Gynecomastia Center and numerous healthcare providers nationwide, CareCredit offers flexible payment options tailored to your financial situation. With a quick and easy application process and immediate decisions, you can schedule your procedures promptly, even before receiving your card.

With over 21 million accounts opened over nearly 30 years, CareCredit is a trusted source for healthcare credit cards, providing peace of mind and financial flexibility to patients seeking cosmetic enhancements.

To learn more about the card and explore your financing options, visit CareCredit’s website.

At The New Jersey Gynecomastia Center, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Our commitment to affordable financing ensures that cost is never a barrier to achieving your cosmetic goals.

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